I’m currently in Tokyo after spending a few days talking at the CP+ Show in Yokohama on the Fujifilm stand.  I have also spent a very productive time with the Fuji X-Series team giving feedback that I’ve gathered from other photographers (and myself of course) regarding the X-Series.  You may recall I visited Japan last year for a similar exercise.  More on that in a blog post when I return to the UK but needless to say it stil remains so impressive that Fujifilm are taking time to listen, and impliment in many cases to requirements that we, as a photography community, are asking for.

In the meantime I just wanted to pop a couple of images up really quickly as I’m so impressed with the Fujifilm X-T1.

I’m going to do a fuller “initial review” tomorrow evening (JST) so check back then.  Part of my trip has also allowed me to use pre-production models of the XF56mm F1.2 and XF10-24mm F4 lenses.  Whilst they are pre-productions I’m extremely excited by the lens combinations.  The 56mm especially I have been waiting for for a while and I know already it’s going to be a key lens for me when shooting weddings.

But the X-T1…..well, for the time being, all I’m saying is “Wow!”.  The view finder is simply gorgeous, low light and AF performance is again improved and AF-C is now very useable.

I’m shooting all day tomorrow in Tokyo but will put a fuller initial review of the Fuji X-T1 and discuss the new lenses to a point too.  I’ll put high-res images online for images not shot on the pre-production lenses too.

For the time being, a few images from a quick shoot around the financial district this morning, and one from CP+ (you can probably work out which one 🙂 ).
Fuji-X-T1 Review

Fuji-X-T1 Review

Fuji-X-T1 Review

Fuji-X-T1 Review

Fuji-X-T1 Review

Fuji-X-T1 Review

  • Great to see your thoughts on the new kit so far Kevin and I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’m waiting on the X-T1 and 56mm arriving when available.

    Your photos above remind me of how good the light is in Asia. Even the last street shot of the guy with the mask, it’s almost al grey, but still looks so colourful. A bit depressing when I’m stuck back here in the UK with our grey and rain:o). Have a great time over there and say hi to Bert for me.


    • Cheers Derek. Sadly Bert went back before me & you are right, the light here, even at this time of the year is fairly spectacular.

  • Thank you for being our advocate with Fuji. I’m a big Fuji fan and have the E1, E2, X100 and Xpro1 with the T1 on order. I lead workshops and I and many of my now Fuji shooting students would like two features added. I’m hoping you can add these to the list of things you’re suggesting to Fuji while there. 1. We would like to see more exposures added for the multiple exposure capability. Right now its just two. We would like 9 like Canon and Nikon do. This will allow for creative multiple exposure photography. I wish I could add a picture but can’t. This link will show you what we want to do. http://johnbarclayphotography.com/in-camera-effects/ 2. AE Bracketing of just 1 stop is not enough. It would be great to have at least 2 or even 3. Again this is common on Nikon and Canon and would be welcome on the Fuji X. Seems like both of these are software based so crossing my fingers a firmware update would work! Thanks again!

    • That’s amazing stuff John. Not something I’ve ever played with but hopefully the Fuji team will pick up on the need for more exposures.

      • Trust me, its an important feature for many people in the field I am in. Everyone who has a Fuji camera that I come in contact with misses the multiple feature. I’m hoping you’ll be able to show and tell your contacts about this need. Much appreciated Kevin.

  • Charles Maclauchlan

    My friend John Barclay mentioned your blog. It’s exciting to own a camera from a company that listens. Although I had no plans to replace my X-100, the firmware upgrade impressed me so much that I purchased an X-M1 and some lenses

    If I had 2 requests it would be for Fuji to continue FW upgrades; and to be able to make exposures longer than 30 seconds. I note that the X-100 has a T setting but it’s different from what I expected from experience with other cameras. In fact I’m not sure what it does do

    Great blog and great images. I’m happy John mentioned you

    • Thanks Charles. I’m sure the FW updates will continue. Regarding longer exposures, I see your point – I guess Bulb is an option right now ….. but it would be great to have a standard longer exposure setting I agree.

  • Edmund Prescottano

    I agree with John, to be effective the x-e2 needs at least a five stop range for auto exposure bracketing, plus more exposures for multiple exposure bracketing.

    • I agree and again, I think the are aware of the requirement in the industry. I guess with all these things they have to identify demand v cost of implementation etc.

  • Great post. Thanks for being supporting us. Can I add just one thing to the list of things to mention we’re asking for. Simply: I’d love a camera with dual card slots!

    • This comes up a lot. I think one of the reasons people love the X-Series is because they are so small. Adding additional SD slots will increase the dimensions of the camera quite considerably I guess. I shot most of my work on single card systems over the years so it’s not something that is a priority for me but I’m fairly sure the Fuji guys are aware of a demand for this.

  • I would like to “second” John’s post about the feature wish list for the fuji. I’d also like to add another item to the fuji “wish” list and that would be for a touch focus LCD screen, similar to what Olympus offers. At one time, I owned the om-d-e5 (sold it to buy the Fuji) and loved that feature. I would also love to see flash compensation in the quick (Q) menu…as someone who likes to use flash often, it would be great not to have to hunt in the menu system to find flash exposure compensation.

  • David Green

    I’m trying to talk myself out of an XT 1. I blame Kevin and his images and reviews for my purchase on an X100 and then the X100s. Why oh why did I type “Kevin Mullins XT1″…..