UPDATE:  The answer is:   Image One:  X100S Image Two:  X100T Image Three:  X100


Recently, in the Facebook group I run specifically for Wedding Photographers who shoot with Fuji’s there was a discussion about the various incarnations of the Fujifilm X100.

One of the contributors indicated that he could tell the difference immediately between an image shot on an original FinePix X100 and the subsequent Fuji X100S and X100T sensors.

So…..can you?  Post your guesses in the comments. I’ll post the correct answer soon.

It’s only for fun of course, but I will select one of the correct answers and send them a free copy of my book (x100S From Snapshots to Greatshots).

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Here are the images, all shot at F2, ISO400 and 1/250th Second.  All using the Provia/Standard film simulation and all at DR 100%.

1Image One

2Image Two

3Image Three

Fuji-X100The Three Amigos; FinePix X100, X100S & X100T


  • Marcin

    1: X100, 2: X100T, 3: X100S

  • 1: X100T 2: X100S 3: X100 it’s obvious! Seriously though, I have no idea.

  • Dorin

    1. X100s, 2. X100t, 3. X100

  • X-100

  • X100 in the middle, but 100S and 100T should be identical.

  • Seeing as the ‘S’ and the ‘T’ share the same sensor… Lawd knows which is which. But I’m going for image 3 as the original X100.

  • 1. X100, 2. X100S, 3. X100T.

  • Greg Taig

    In order X100, X100s, X100t 🙂

  • 1. X100T 2. X100S 3. X100 is my guess.
    I must say that having had the original and now owning the X100T I can say that I much prefer the results from the original. Just a shame its so slow otherwise I’d swap back.

  • X100s

  • Asad

    1 – x100
    2 – x100s
    3 – x100t

  • Andy Marc

    Im saying

    Though S & T should look identical which to my eye and monitor looks so..could be wrong though! 😀

    I have both the X100 & X100T and gotta say I still prefer the image from the X100…its has more of a pop about it and less work in Raw..with the T I have to play with skin tones somewhat to be really happy. I hate the colour Jpegs out of the X100T also..but its all subjective 🙂

  • S, T and original I’m guessing! 🙂

  • Mar C. DLR

    Image 1-X100T
    Image 2-X100S
    Image 3-X100

    Reason: Color of vignet at upper right corner of images 1&2 are the same therefore same sensor. Tricky part is which is which. I chose image 1 for x100T because of the more punchy color for the goodies box… I figured an older x100S will yield an image that’s a bit hazy. This is just Me viewing tru an ipad and an XT1 jpeg shooter with no experience with any x100 series but wanting to in the near future. &;-)

  • Cliff Moore

    Original X100 in the middle

  • X100 (original) is probably the middle one as it has a more neutral tone and less default contrast. The other two should look the same.

    I would pay big money for an X100T with the same colour profile as the original X100 which I think produces gorgeous colours…don’t understand why Fuji decided to change it.

  • x100t, x100, x100s 🙂

    I think it’s cool to see that the quality of the 3 images are so close. All three are fine camera’s if you look at image quality 🙂

  • 1. 100s
    2. 100
    3. 100T

  • Florence

    I have not a clue but I will say I like imagetwo the best

  • Image 2 was origional X100 , other two look the same …..

  • For me, 1=T, 2=S and 3=100

  • Bob Braddock

    My best guess:

    1. X100S
    2. X100T
    3. X100

  • Well the S&T share the same sensor and these are all saved down as 300dpi shots so I looked at the colours next and 1 & 2 are quite similar and 3 looks a bit muddier so I reckon 3 is the X100.

    That leaves 1 & 2. The X100S and T have the same sensor and lens but obviously different software and algorithms so I started looking at subtlety and what I prefer which leads me to believe that if better is akin to progress 2 must be the X100T and 1 must be the X100S.

  • David Toft

    I am XT1 and XE1 owner so I have no experience of the X100 range so I’ve plumped for and order of preference.

  • Vinnie Barbarino

    #3 is with a Leica.

  • Jose A. Valverde

    X100, X100T, X100S. I may be wrong but X100 focus is sharper.

  • 1. X100T
    2. X100S
    3. X100

  • Immanuel

    The last one has different colours than the two first, so I would guess that one is the original X100.

  • Miguel


  • X100T – X100 – X100S

  • Dragos

    X100T, X100, X100S

    I already bought your book several weeks ago, I hope that copy is not the one you intended to give away 🙂


  • I think it’s

    1. X100S
    2. X100T
    3. X100

    Can we get the answer please??

  • Lou Tingle

    1- X100
    2 X100s
    3 X100T

  • Robert

    1: X-100T
    2: X-100
    3: X-100S

    Robert (from Malmesbury)

  • Robert

    Malmesbury indeed! (The one in Wiltshire, not in South Africa…)

  • Clive

    Ever since this challenge began I’ve liked the last image because it was ‘better’ – to my eyes – than the other two.

    Assumed (from the reviews by Internet ‘experts’) it was latest improved X100 model because IQ seemed so good … but harboured my own suspicion that it was original version as it is dissimilar in image traits/IQ to other two images.

    Bears out my belief that the Bayer array of original X100 is more organic and film like than X-Trans sensor version. Still prefer to use my X100 to my XE1 as the results seem more natural, less digital in nature. Think I’ll hang on to it until one of us dies… unless Fuji introduce a (FF?) Bayer version in the future!

  • Ibrahim Musa Ashidiqie

    X100s (the ovf switcher is different from the others
    X100 (it have the arrow sign in the ovf switcher)

  • Douglas Garton

    Ok… so what is the correct sequence?

    • The correct sequence was posted at the top of the post a few months ago.