A really quick post and a couple of snaps.

I recently got the Fujifilm XF 50mm F2 WR and I’ve literally taken about five shots with it so far.

Below is a couple that I dragged off the camera and processed in Alien Skin Exposure (which I love).

Until I take the lens to a wedding, I can’t tell whether it will totally replace my 1.2 one.  I suspect I’ll end up using both as the 1.2 is great in those really low light first dance situations.

However, I’m already drawn to how light and blazingly fast to focus the 50mm F2 lens is.

I’m speaking at the Fujifilm stand at The Photography Show next week.  If you fancy coming along, please say “Hello”.  A friend face is always a nice face.  You can see the full Fujifilm stand schedule here.

fuji 50mm f2Fujifilm X-T2:  XF 50mm F2 ~ 1/2,000th at f/2, ISO2,500fuji 50mm f2Fujifilm X-T2:  XF 50mm F2 ~ 1/5,800th at f/2, ISO2,500

PS – my new London Street workshops are sold out, but I have one in Cardiff that is still booking.  Additionally, I’m giving a whole day workshop in Switzerland in May and my next Wedding Photojournalism workshop is now available too.

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to Florence + The Machine (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful))
  • Is it a 56mm replacement Kevin?

    • I doubt it. I think I’ll always need that 1.2 low light ability. I expect this lens will be the one I use throughout the day though and switch to the 1.2 for the dancing and speeches. We’ll see. I need to give it a good run for its money first.

  • I’ll watch with interest how you get on with this lens, Kevin. I’ve recently parted with the 60 with this in mind. I have the 56, which I don’t see it replacing for the same low light reasons as you. I do also have the Zeiss Touit 50 which is an exceptional performer – I have always appreciated Zeiss glass – but it is a lot heavier and non-WR – the trade off being the useful 1-1 macro performance. My prime (pun intended) use is when traveling so high performance and light weight are important to me and this little 50 tjcks a number of boxes on paper.

  • Philip

    Hi Kevin
    I wonder if you could give me some advice I am thinking of changing my XPro 1 for either a X Pro 2 or a XT2.
    I am not sure which one to go for.
    I am a keen Amature and will have a go at almost any subject.
    Any advice on the pros and cons of the two cameras would be very much appreciated.
    I really enjoy your F16 Site and read every word, I set up my Xpro1 as your settings for a 70 birthday party and the photos were great, and are now framed on my friends mantlepeice.
    Many thanks Phill.

    • Hi Phill – really, especially now with the new firmware updates, it comes down to your personal preferences ergonomically. Or if you want to do Video or studio tethering, the XT2 wins the race.

  • osynlig fog

    X-T2? I thought you were an X-Pro man?

    The 50mm f2 seems to work much better with the optical finder on the X-Pro 2, which I love.

    • I’m lucky enough to have both. The XT2 is usually at home.

  • Wing

    yeah, the 50mm f/2 is a great lens.. and, for me, oddly had received early negative comments.. odd, boring, the price is too, high, who’s going to buy it?.. yada yada yada..

    it’s no replacement for the 56mm f/1.2, but I’d hardly complain about it’s IQ and the quality of the lens overall for a relatively low cost as far as nice high end native Fujinon prime lenses are concerned.

    I personally find I’m growing more accustomed to having an easy to carry around camera system which includes lenses which are light, compact, yet still relatively fast(aperture), quick & silent AF with WR (as a bonus).

    Fujifilm’s WR F/2 line, or as a lot of us use the coined phrase “Fujicron” lenses, are perfect for that.

    I really love my 56mm f/1.2, and I find it really difficult to give up. But then again, as much as I’ve tried to carry it with me from time to time on non-paid & more personal photographic moments, it’s admittedly fairly bulky and heavy and I do often find the 85mm equiv. field of view too tight more often than not for my more casual and candid moments… and, the 56 is fastest in good lighting (despite it’s f/1.2).. it’s still got a lot of heavy elements to move around for that f/1.2 we enjoy.

    The 50mm f/2, in my opinion, gives just enough reach without forcing me into corners, against a wall, or having to reluctantly crop an image tighter than I’d want to.. which the 56mm I find can often do. The new 50mm f/2 is quite flexible.. and being an X-Pro2 user who also uses the OVF a lot, not only do you not get as much OVF obstruction, but the framelines are probably at their maximum usability on the tele end.. 56mm maybe the best tele limit and isn’t too bad, actually, but 50 is slightly more practical with the OVF.

    And, the 50mm f/2 still makes a great portrait length..I don’t think the 75mm equiv. field of view is anything to be disappointed by, but an 85mm or longer is preferable if you have the space to use it. The 50mm f2’s sharpness and bokeh wide open is very good, still… I’m not particularly bothered with the difference in image rendering when compared to what the 56mm f/1.2 can do.. besides, for me, I don’t always take photos of a single subject for portraits.. more than half the time it’s at least a couple or more members, so if I look at my portrait usage.. I can’t deny that as much as I want to always shoot at f/1.2, I just can’t unless you expect all your shots of multiple subjects to be perfectly lined up along the same focal plane.. which isn’t really realistic, not to mention quite boring.. so, I’d have to stop down a bit anyways to be sure I get everyone in focus.

  • Sounds fantastic Kevin. I’m guessing it has a far better close focusing ability than the 1.2? That is one of my only annoyances with the fantastic 1.2.

  • Den

    At f2 the 50 is no better or worse than the 56 – but at F2.8 the xf50 is the sharpest lens in Fuji lineup even sharper than xf90. Between f5.6 and f11 you’ll find the xf56 to be sharper outside of the centre compared to xf50.

    If you need the extra low light reach at expense of image detail and focus speed go with the xf56. That’s really the only advantage here.