Here are the top five questions I’ve had since I put my initial Fuji X-Pro2 Review live back in January:

  1. How do I become an X-Photographer and get free stuff?
  2. What is the dynamic range like? (I’ve answered that to a certain extent with my recent webcast about the X-Pro2 and Lightroom)
  3. Is the camera water proof?
  4. Is the Auto Focus better than an X-T1?
  5. What does the electronic shutter sound like?

Fuji X-Pro2 Shutter Sound

I thought #5 was an interesting question.  Its cropped up time and time again.

Jonas Rask described the sound (in his epic X-Pro2 Review) as:

The best way for me to describe the sound is if you imagine a Ninja sword slicing through a ripe watermelon! It’s truly an addictive sound. Plus it’s very muted. It’s very very silent. ~ Jonas Rask

And that is pretty much what it does sound like.

I thought I’d make a little sound clip for you though.  If you haven’t got the X-Pro2 yet, and are intrigued by the mechanical shutter sound, well, here you go……

Fuji X-Pro2 Weather Sealing

I feel very confidently placed to make commentary on this.

Yes.  Yes and Yes.  The X-Pro2 performs admirably in torrential rain.  Consistently.

How do I know this?  Because its been like that here in the UK since October 🙂

fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing


fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing

Fujifilm X-Pro2 ~ | XF 23mm F1.4 | 1/180 sec @ f/3.6 ISO 400
fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing

Fujifilm X-Pro2 ~ | XF 23mm F1.4 | 1/400 sec @ f/2 ISO 400 fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing

Fujifilm X-Pro2 ~ | XF 23mm F1.4 | 1/1,000 sec @ f/1.4 ISO 500 fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing

Fujifilm X-Pro2 ~ | XF 23mm F1.4 | 1/1,250 sec @ f/1.4 ISO 500

fujifilm x-pro2 weather sealing

Fujifilm X-Pro2 ~ | XF 23mm F1.4 | 1/1,250 sec @ f/1.4 ISO 500



  • I noticed that those shots underneath the weather sealing comment are all on the XF23mmF1.4. This isn’t a weather sealed lens though… so it still works out okay even in the rain? I only ask because I am getting the X-Pro2 with the 23mm lens, but I’m on the fence about getting the XF35mmF2 WR.

    • To be totally honest with you, I never worry about “weather sealing” in regular “weather”. I’ve used my X100S in far worse weather. I think you’d have to drop the lens in a bucket of water with the end caps off for it to be a problem. I’d worry more about sand / dust in the desert before using non weather sealed equipment in the rain.

      • Thank you so much for your comments on this. Being within 45mins train ride distance from Manchester (instantly recognised the location!) I know what the weather is like up these parts, especially the past few weeks. Now I just gotta wait for the body to actually be released!

  • Decs

    Hey there Kevin, I’m in the UK now as well and am contemplating getting the X-pro 2 and the 23mm 1.4. In your weather proofing test, did you use the 23mm 1.4 in the UK rain? I really like the 35mm focal lengthon full frame but knowing that the 23mm 1.4 isn’t weather sealed, did it work?

    • Its fine. It’s just rain 🙂 I’m not going to worry about that kind of stuff unless its extraordinary weather….

  • Barry O’Connor

    Hello Kevin.

    I saw some of the fantastic wedding photographs that you took with the pro 2. There was one in particular that it appears the the couple are are moving towards your position in close proximity and I wondered if this was autofocus or manual focussing. If autofocus, is the pro 2 sufficiently fast enough to capture fast moving scenes like this?

    kind regards


    • Hi Barry – yes, the camera is perfectly capable at tracking subjects. It has a lot of different options for continuous focusing and I use it a lot for bridal recessional etc.

  • Barry Fisher

    Kevin, you are a fabulous photographer. I just pre-ordered the X-Pro2 and a 23 1.4. I really like you wedding photos and it seemed they were in found light. Do you ever use on or off camera flash? The Fuji’s really seem to shine in low light and I am very interested in that.
    Barry (usually sunny California)

  • (ignore this, if you got my Facebook message, btw)
    Silly XPro2 question. Just got mine (love it) and I stumbled upon a feature that I seem to have disabled since.

    In manual focus (I use peak highlights, myself) there was a time when it would zoom in on my focus area for fine tuning, then zoom back out, after I had finished. I want that back, but can’t figure out where it is in the menu… or if I dreamed the whole thing!

    All the best,

  • Mark Lee

    Firstly, fantastic work as ever Kevin, I’m loving that classic chrome emulation, & who’d have guessed that Gerard Depardieu shopped in Primark!

    Quick query off topic for you, I shoot with an Xpro-1 & X100s using your back button focusing technique, it really is fantastic. However, how did you find it when focusing on moving subjects? Any pointers would be much appreciated as I’m finding it diffucult to get consistent results. Thank you, & keep up the great work.

    • Hi Mark,

      When I’m trying to shoot moving subjects I either pre focus (or use zone focusing), or use the continuous focus mode. BBF isn’t really going to cut it on fast moving subjects….

      Next week I’ll be publishing an update to my “Shooting with X-Series” blog post which should make things clearer.

  • Mark Lee

    Thanks for the reply Kevin, I’ll keep an eye out for that.

  • John

    My biggest bug bear with all digital cameras is sensor dust and I wonder if an x-pro 2 along with the 35mm f2 wr lens would allow you illiminate dust. I’m guessing you’d need to be pretty careful fitting it and probably keep the lense on. Maybe I’d be better coming to terms with dust circles but they really really annoy me.

    Love your work Kevin.

    • I think you can only eliminate it by never changing lenses….or get and X100T / X70 type camera.

      • John

        Yeah that was what I had in mind. Just bought t10. Sadly today the blue sky came out and I discovered a lovely dust circle. It’s only a few days old.

  • Franklin Villagonzalo

    Hi Kevin,

    Very new to the XPro2 and I’m very impressed with the image quality and shooting experience. However, I was shooting somewhere in tokyo and it was raining heavy, then I noticed some of the rain water entered the ISO dial. Is this something I should be worried about? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Franklin – the XP2 is a weather sealed camera and as such I wouldn’t expect moisture to get into any areas which may affect the image / sensor. If the moisture inside the ISO window disappeared after a while I wouldn’t worry about it. If it’s remained, then I’d probably get Fuji to take a look.