I’ve been using the Fujifilm X100 for nine months or so now. As regular readers of this blog will know I am a huge fan of the camera and use it regularly as a reportage wedding photographer throughout the year. I’m actually in the process of writing a full review of the camera which will be published on another site but I just wanted to show a few Fujifilm X100 High ISO Examples that I shot this weekend with the camera.

I took it on a stag trip (think about doing that with a Canon 1D Mark IV!) which involved watching some friends play in a band on Friday night at The Red Cow pub in Richmond followed by a trip to Cardiff to watch Wales v Italy. There was some other stuff too, but it all got a bit hazy.

I have lots and lots of emails about this camera. If had as many enquiries for weddings as I have about this camera I’d be a happy man. One of the questions I get asked a lot is about the Fujifilm X100 High ISO performance. To be completely honest, I tend not to let it go above 3200 when photographing weddings, but this weekend I really stretched its legs, especially in the very dark pub environment.

Please note that all of these images are straight from the camera JPG files. I’ve not edited them in any way with the exception of adding a border. The black and white setting in the X100 was Monochrome+R which is my preferred Black and White setting for in camera processing.

The first six images are all at ISO 6400. Remember, these are straight out of the camera with no processing what so ever. Remember also that these are moving subjects. The camera is set to use Auto Focus and centre spot metering. I also use centre spot focus and recompose method. I am using the X100 with the latest Firmware (1.13) which in my opinion makes the focusing a little bit more snappy. I also recommend you purchase the lens hood as this aids in overall focusing too (especially in situations with bright background light such as the last image).

I’m thrilled with the camera and the Fujifilm X100 High ISO Examples below I hope will show you just what this little camera is capable of. I’ve included a few lower ISO shots later on as a comparison (there is little noticeable difference in noise in my opinion). Also, notice the dynamic range in the stadium shots. This was a tough shooting situation as there was bright sunlight on one side of the stadium whilst I was sat in solid shadow.

Again, please remember these images are the JPGs direct from the camera. Black and White conversion done in the Fujifilm Finepix X100 itself. Please feel free to tweet or share on Facebook or comment below.

Fujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 6400:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 640:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 640:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 640:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 ISO Examples at 200:

fuji x100 review imagesFujifilm X100 High ISO Examples at 3200:

fuji x100 review images



  • The end shot in particular just proves how wrong I could be about this camera. I’m going to give it another go Kevin and do a firmware upgrade. It’s always been the focusing that was an issue for me with this little beast, so if I could get that right, I may yet become a convert!!!

  • That ISO is just awesome – blows the 5D ii out of the water in my opinion! Great for low-light October weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It’s amazing! The more I see of this camera, the more I want one.

    Or it just proves that a good photographer really can use any camera ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, that’s all i can say, this looks amazing! The shots are amazing with it, what an awesome little camera, must be amazing to have this at a wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love the last one Kevin, kind of sums up what photography is all about.

  • Great images Kevin, really shows what the camera can do in the right hands. I bought one on a few photographers recommendations and have not been disappointed one bit. The camera goes everywhere with me, its light and fast and the image quality is the best I have seen out of a cropped sensor camera including DSLRS. The 23 (35mm) lens is sublime. Another point I found a bonus is the leaf shutter, being able to sync your flash at 1/4000 is brilliant. I love it. For anyone in two minds about getting one…don’t even hesitate.

    • Thanks Jason. I did give it a little go in the studio but don’t really have any experience of using it in anger with flash. I’ve read that it is very good.

  • Quality read and some cracking images, like pic of chaps in bar and stadium pic as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  • super set kevin – as you know I picked up the X100’s baby brother the X10 a few weeks ago. Now whilst image quality (especially at high iso) is not on par with the X100, I’m enjoying having a camera like this in my bag wherever I go. Did I make a mistake not buying the X100 instead? Looking at these shots maybe, but for now I’m just going to enjoy using my quirky little camera.

    • It wasn’t a mistake. If you are getting what you need from the X10 then it was a wise choice.

  • That last shot is superb, and to think it’s a pub shot AFTER the game! You continue to keep me lusting after this baby…

  • That quality at 6400 – wow.

  • Mark Dell

    Without doubt this little camera is a star.
    I used it at a wedding and it was superb at around 6400 too in kicks my 5D into touch at these ISO settings.
    Fuji xpro1 here we come maybe?

  • Wow! Look great. And hey, love that last image in the bar.

  • Great set of images, not sure I would trust myself keeping the camera safe towards the end of a hen night though. Love the image in the bar. I would love to have a little camera like this and this blog post has sold it to me. On the wish list ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for these great examples Kevin. I’m convinced & I’ve just placed my order for one.

  • Matt Cain

    Photography with this little beauty is lovely. I had a good play with one last night at a pub (strangely). All I can say is that I agree with the people I’ve read who say it is a little quirky in it’s exposure if shutter or iso (or both) are in an automatic mode (not my camera, so I wasn’t going to play with stuff like that). Lovely, light and oh-so desirable toy!