Yesterday I received the long awaited Fujifilm X100s.  I’ve literally had it for less than 24 hours, and in that time I’ve had to run my normal life too so I’ve not had a great deal of time to explore the camera yet.

So, this post is basically a “first thoughts”…….which are, in a nutshell…….superb.

The camera arrived just before School pickup time so I busied myself around making sandwiches, dinner and Mr Tumble taking a few snaps of the kids.

The one thing that most people wanted improved (myself included) over the X100 was the AF speed and I can safely say that this is simply eons better than the original X100.  In fact, the X100S is the closest thing to perfect in a small form factor camera that I have ever used (based on my brief usage – this weekend will be the acid test).

I will be taking the camera with me everywhere this weekend, including a couple of weddings and so I hope to have a much more thorough overview of the X100S online sometime next week.

Briefly – what I’m impressed with in the few hours I’ve shot with it are:

– The focus speed….simply brilliant
– Focus peaking in manual mode.  Amazing and works really well, especially if shooting with a zone focus paradigm.
– The Q button makes changing settings much quicker
– The viewfinder (both OVF and EVF) are much clearer and a real pleasure to use.  The EVF is much sharper and the OVFs information guides and frame lines etc. are much easier on the eye too.
– Rapid AF point selection with the back dial (very cool addition).

Image quality remains amazing from such a small camera.  Honestly, I’m thrilled with the opportunities it will bring and really look forward to getting to grips with it more.

All of these images are from the camera produced JPGs and I have noticed, as with all the other X-Trans cameras that the in-camera noise reduction seems a little heavy handed so from now on I will be lowering my setting for that.

I’m sorry for the first picture.  I told Rosa to act normally……what can I say?  the rest are simple candid’s.  If you were worrying about the focus speed on the new X100S – don’t.  Simple as that.

500 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0 Fuji X100S Samples
800 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0Fuji X100S Samples
800 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0 Fuji X100S Samples

6,400 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0Fuji X100S Samples

[icon style=”icon-email-send” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””] Feel free to comment and I will endeavour to answer any questions. Check back late next week though as I intend on using the camera a whole load more over the weekend. [/icon]

  • I really really wanted the AF to be good so I’m very pleased to read that it is! As you said, that was my only real gripe about the X100, a camera that other than that, I love. Looks like the X100S may be the next thing on my wish list now 🙂

  • Oh I want one so much! I love my X100 but better AF and easier changing of focus points is perfect. Can I wait for the price to drop though…

  • “I’m sorry for the first picture. I told Rosa to act normally..”

    Looks like normal Mullins behaviour to me!

  • Great little article, Kev, and some lovely images too.

  • Bob Parsons

    I have a X100 and love it. I tried the new X100s out in JL the other day and the Autofocus is faster but not enough to make me want one over the old model.
    Small tweaks to an already amazing little camera.


    • Hi Bob – the AF is a lot faster in my experience, but I agree – those who already have an X100 with the latest firmware should use the X100S at a shop first to make sure they get the benefit.

      For me, the focus peak alone in MF mode means this camera becomes amazing for street and discreet candid photography. That’s worth the entrance fee alone for me 🙂

  • Kevin, what firmware version is your X100S? Mine is 1.01, and the focus is super-fast only in relatively bright light. I’ve read on DPreview that perhaps v1.00 cameras are actually focusing faster, but I’m not sure how reliable that information is. (I should also mention that I don’t own the X100, so I haven’t compared the X100S to it.)

    • Hi Jude – I’m on 1.01 and all seems good to me. Focus is quicker in brighter light as opposed to darker light. But that’s the same as any camera I’ve ever used to be honest – especially my Canon 5Ds.



  • Thanks for the response, Kevin.

    I’m loving the X100S, but perhaps I was expecting more from what I’d read in the X100S material from Fujifilm–with statements like “Breaking the speed limits with high-speed AF,” and ” ..the world’s fastest AF of 0.08 sec…”

    Again, it’s fast in bright light; but I’m hoping they can improve its overall AF performance with firmware updates in the future.

    My main camera is a Nikon D4, and it’s fast in just about any setting. For a more reasonable comparison, I also have a Panasonic GH3, and in low light the GH3’s focus is far more reliable than the X100S, locking in where the X100S is usually throwing up the “!AF” error. In low light the GH3 also focuses much faster than the X100S. In bright light, the X100S has the edge over the GH3; but, in overall general use, I’d give the GH3 the clear nod.

    Given that the X100S’s performance in low light (in terms of noise) seems to me to have a pretty clear advantage over the GH3, it’d be nice if it had the AF to match in those same settings.

    Again, I’m hoping Fujifilm can use firmware improvements to get the X100S’s AF performance closer to the exuberance of their marketing materials.

    Am I happy with the X100S? Overall, very much so. Improvements to it that I’d like to see include:

    — Faster AF performance in low to medium level light environments.
    — Improved AF acquisition in low light environments.
    — Better AF performance in video mode.
    — Focus peaking in video mode.
    — Slightly firmer detent on power switch.

  • Liam O’Brien

    Those are very beautiful Kevin. The first three in particular. There is something very special about the first one. Your children’s lovely personalities shine through.

    Looking forward to your future images.

  • I am getting an x100s this spring and your reviews of it have made me even more excited. I love the candid photos of your kiddos, just fantastic