Yesterday, I received my Fujinon XF16mm F1.4 R WR which I had ordered from WEX here in the UK as soon as it was made available (you can also buy your Fujinon XF16mm F1.4 R WR from Wex today too).

Unfortunately I don’t have a wedding this weekend to shoot with it, and I’ve literally spent thirty minutes on the streets of Cirencester taking some basic snapshots (then I headed to AV8 at Kemble, there isn’t really a Red arrow and a Boeing 747 on the streets of Cirencester).

To say I’ve been waiting for this lens for a long time is an understatement.  Back in the days when I shot with my Canon system, I was often tempted to shoot a bit wider than the 35mm that I had become accustomed too.  I purchased the Canon 24mm F1.4 three times, and each time I returned it (twice because they were bad copies, and once because I just didn’t get used to it).

As a wedding photographer, for the last six years I’ve shot almost exclusively with a full frame or equivalent dual lens system (35mm and 85mm – 23mm and 56mm in APS-C format).

I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that I’ve spoken to hundreds, perhaps thousands of wedding photographers who have said either:

“I’d love to swap to the Fuji X-Series system but there isn’t a fast 24mm equivalent lens”

– or –

“I’d over to sway to the Fuji X-Series system but there isn’t a fast 135mm equivalent lens”

So I guess you could say Fuji listened, once again, and the FUJINON XF16mm F1.4 R WR, so far, at least, has not failed to live up to the billing.  Weather resistant, light, extremely fast in low light and and an incredibly close minimum focus distance means this lens is going to be the one that I will make space for in my gear bag when I shoot weddings.

I’ll be taking this lens along when I go shooting on the street all the time I’m sure.  My next Street Photography with X-Series is next Tuesday in Birmingham and I will be giving the 16mm a good run out there.

Once I’ve shot a wedding or too, I’ll definitely be doing a full “from the viewpoint of a working pro” review, but here are a couple of snapshots from my 30 minutes or so I’ve spent with the lens so far:

FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/400th f/5.6 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/350th f/9 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/150th f/4 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/110th f/1.4 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/100th f/1.4 ISO640


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/140th f/2.5 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/350th f/9 ISO400


FUJINON XF16mm 1.4

1/420th f/11 ISO400


  • Hi Kevin,
    I’m a documentary photographer too and this is my next lens.

    next question are : which lens to pair with the 16 ? 35mm or 56mm ? Both ? What about the 23? And the x100 ?
    I don’t like swapping lenses so it’s one lens on one camera for me.
    It could end into such a combo: x100 + 16 + 56. what about you ?

    • If I prefer the 16 focal length over the 23 (which I won’t really know until I try it out at some weddings next weekend), I will run with an X100T with WCL, X-T1 with 16 and X-T1 with 56.

      Nothing else and I’m just like you – never change lenses.

  • Well, I do prefer the 23 to any focal length for my photography, especially weddings.

    16 is often too wide and 56 too long but 23 can’t do everything, right?

    A three xt1 combo is tempting…

    • I’m very much sed to shooting 35/85 in FF equivalent but the only real reason I didn’t move to 24mm when I shot Canon was the difficulty in finding a good copy of the Canon 24mm 1.4 lens.

      Personally, for me, 3 X-T1s would be too much. I often shoot with just an X100T so I’m trying to keep things as light as possible but you are right, 16, 23 & 56 are the holy trinity of lenses.

  • Hi kevin, I’m always doubious about changing lenses I hat to do it but otherwise I feel I’m missing something if I don’t do it. The question is: why you never change lenses?
    Keep it rokin love your job!

    • You mean when shooting a wedding? I just prefer to keep a consistent look and feel to my images. At the moment, that’s a mixture of X70 / WCL, 23mm and 56mm.

  • Hey Kevin, I was looking for a lens to pair with my 16 for mostly lifestyle children and family photography. I am thinking about the 56 or 90. And I do have a 35 as well. So which one would you recommend to add to my bag? Or should I keep two or three lense? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Viole,

      I personally use the 56mm for 90% of my longer range stuff. The 90 is great, but probably more suited for static portraits.