The simplest of pleasures for me is always having a camera ready. Even for those times when we think we don’t need to take pictures.

Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/125th @ f2 ISO1,000
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/120th @ f2 ISO4000
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/160th @ f2 ISO400
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/900th @ f2.8 ISO200
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/110th @ f2 ISO400
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/60th @ f2 ISO1,000
x100t-fujifilm-3X100T 1/60th @ f2 ISO1,250
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/60th @ f2 ISO500
Fujifilm X100TX100T 1/125th @ f2 ISO1,000

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to Hungarian Dances: No. 1 in G Minor (orch. Brahms))
  • Moses Friedline

    Hello Kevin,

    Really love your family photos. Ever since I picked up my X100T, I find myself shooting with it constantly. My greatest pleasure is making photographs of my own children. Thanks so much for sharing and always inspiring.


    • Thanks Moses & I totally agree. The simple things are often the best things captured.

  • Mark Power

    Love the classic ‘concentrating face’ while he’s writing 🙂

  • Marek

    Love the images…thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been working with and X100T and XPro2 mirroring some of the suggested in camera settings for JPEGs you suggest, and have a Classic Chrome specific setting/s question/s.

    Colour (when shooting colour): +3
    Shadows: +3
    Highlights: -2
    Noise Reduction: -3
    Sharpness: +3
    White Balance: Auto (mostly)

    Colour (when shooting colour): +2
    Shadows: +2
    Highlights: -1
    Noise Reduction: -2
    Sharpness: +2
    White Balance: Auto (mostly)

    When I shoot Acros +R, I really like the settings above (yours) and only tweak them a small amount based on subject/light.

    My question is I find they deliver more contrast/punch then I would care for in Classic Chrome rendered JPEG’s…in your experience do you have suggestions to tone down the contrast/punch for color that you have used? I am trying for a more balanced journalistic/film/reportage look to my color images.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks Marek – you could try dialing down the sharpness in the CC profiles perhaps.

      • Marek

        Thanks Kevin, I’ll give that a try.

        I believe keeping the Noise Reduction setting low…-3 or -2 should, with Fuji, keep the camera from applying it…is that correct?

        • That’s kind of correct. If you apply the lowest amount of NR, it will still apply some, but very minimal. Unfortunately there is no “Off Completely” option for NR.

  • Jon

    Some fantastic photos as always Kevin. The tonal register of your b&w pictures has had me thinking about Fuji for a long time. I’ve tried stacks of presets and custom tweaks in Lightroom to get closer to that “Fuji” look. Especially when my colleague bought a XPro 2. I love my Nikon & Canons but every time I see your b&ws it has me thinking about testing a Fuji ! I love the composition of your work and you’re a great ambassador for the Fuji brand.

  • I purchased a 27mm lens before I owned a camera making a commitment to the Fuji system. I since have picked up the 35mm f/2.0 lens. Only then did I pick up the Pro 1. I first started shooting in 1959 while in the Army. I am retired and on a limited budget so does it make more sense to buy the 23mm f/2.0 or continue saving for a Pro 2. I will be selling a Panasonic GX7 and 5 lens and I know I will not get close to what I paid for them. Might keep the body and 2 lens for videos. Video isn’t that important to me. I still sell a little stock photography.

    • I’m only using the 23 f2 from today and its a great lens it seems especially for the price. The x_pro2 will be a lot more expensive, but it is a really great camera – especially for reportage style shooting.

  • Steve Fry

    Hi Kevin, love these B&Ws. They’re really atmospheric and full of character. Always enjoy seeing your photos.

  • Gilles Courtemanche

    Nice pictures Kevin.

  • Jim Gallaher

    Lovely shots, can I ask if you shoot in monochrome or convert in PP ?

  • Fantastic as ever Kevin. I’m doing a fun fair shoot tonight. I’ll be using my original X100 with Firmware 2.10. As you’ll realise the light will be all over the place. If I may pinch one crafty question. I always shoot by the seat of my pants – as I’m not hot on theory. I’m wondering – Auto ISO? It’ll be wing it again for the rest. Cheers. Thanks for inspiring. K

    • I use auto ISO a great deal Kevin. I hope the fair shoot went well.

  • david

    Really enjoy looking at your photos!
    You Introduced me to fuji after reading your book on the X100s ,Now I own a
    x100t,Xe2 and the New XPro2, I’ll be visiting the far East next month; I want to get
    a wideangle lens, and torn between the 18mm-f2 ; the 16mm-f1.4,and the 10-24 zoom!
    Like the small size of the 18mm, and some claim the 16mm is the best lens Fuji ever
    produce, and the 10-24 zoom is more versatile! Hard decision!
    Your suggestion will be my final take! and your respond is greatly appreciated!
    Many Thanks!

    • My personal favourite out of those three is the 18mm f2. It’s good, and cheap!

      • david

        Thank you very much Kevin! 18mm f2 will be it!

  • Jarosław


    I have a question connected with processing. What kind of preset did you use to get such look. I mean tint and tonality.


    • These are Mono+g jpegs and then slightly tweaked.

  • Neale James

    I like the concept of being ‘camera ready,’ and you’re right, what may not seem important (such as little feet patting across the floor) can turn out to be exceptionally important in the future.

  • Like the photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

  • the barefoot shot is awesome!