As I mentioned in my Fuji X100F Review last week, the new camera will be my constant companion.

I’ll definitely be taking it when I shoot weddings, but for me, the real value of this camera will come in the images it allows me to create of everyday life that surrounds me.

Some of the most important images I’ve ever taken were shot with the X100, S or T and the Fuji X100F will continue that tradition.

You can see more of the technical attributes in the previous review, but for now, I just wanted to share a few of my favourite snaps I took while testing the Fuji X100F.

I’ve purposefully picked a selection of images here that show a wide range of ISO values; from 200 to 10,000.

I’m also more than happy to shoot at F2 on the Fuji X100F, and I still love the way the 23mm lens renders even at F2.

I’ve not had it too long, but already it’s helped me create some of my most precious images over the last six months or so.

Fuji X100F Family Snaps:

Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/170th at f/2, ISO400 Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO3,200 – Possibly the laziest pooch in the world!Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/200th at f/5.6, ISO400 Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/800th at f/2.8, ISO400

Any idea how difficult it is to shoot with one hand on a bouncing see-saw?Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2.5, ISO200 – don’t ask….I have no idea.Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO2,500Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO10,000

TEN THOUSAND ISO – the stuff of dreams (see what I did there?)Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO2,000Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/110th at f/2, ISO3,200Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/680th at f/5.6, ISO200 – Light Sabre & a Fuji X30.  Perfect combination.Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/500th at f/2, ISO800

Please feel free to leave questions or comments below & I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.

Preorder the Fujifilm X100F

If you want to pre-order the X100F in the UK, you can do so via Warehouse Express.  You might also be interested in the Tele Conversion Lens or the Wide Conversion Lens.

Additionally, my friends at Castle Cameras are offering a Fuji X100F preorder service too.

And finally….

I currently have three available workshops myself.

I am running a Wedding Photojournalism Workshop in London next month.

The Street workshop in London on the 3rd March has now sold out.  I’ve added another date, the 31st March: Street Photography Workshop in London

I’m also running two photography workshops in Lausanne, Switzerland in conjunction with Fujifilm Switzerland in May.

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to Johnny Cash at San Quentin (vinyl))
  • Your personal shots are always my favourites Kevin and it’s cool seeing your kids change from post to post. Good to see you’re indoctrinating them young with the X30. The X100F is a bit too expensive for me but, on the back of your posts last year, I’ve just ordered an X70 from the refurb store to use as an everyday ‘in the handbag/coat pocket’ camera. Any top tips for its use?

    • Thanks Lucy. The X70 is such a lovely camera too. My advice for that is to just get in close. It’s a wide lens and if you can fill the frame you’ll get really impactful shots. Enjoy.

  • Onno Zuidema

    Fantastic photo’s Kevin, impressed as always! Dit you use the new Acros film mode for these pictures? To what extent did you use post-processing? To me, the photo’s do not look processed at all (which is a good thing).
    The X-70 has definitely rekindled my love for B&W photography and I’m planning to buy the X100F as well; more suitable for portrait work, I’d think.

    • Hi Onno. These are actually from RAW from the X100F. I’ve applied the Lightroom Acros simulation and warmed them up slightly. Thanks for stopping by. Kevin

  • Always nice to see the stuff you shoot for yourself and your family. Nice work as always sir. You and a handful of others (Rask, Olaf, McDonald…) really sold me on the Fuji gear capabilities and it has definitely renewed my interest in photography where it had fallen flat for many years. Since I have started shooting mostly in monochrome, I see the world and light completely differently. So thank you.

  • Alan H

    Amazing shots Kevin. How does the continuous AF compare to say the X-Pro2 and X-T2? I’ve sold my X100T with the intention of upgrading to an X100F or even a X-T20, depending on how good the AF is. I mainly take photos of my 2 year old, and found that I missed quite a lot of shots with the X100T. Its comforting to see your X100F handling some great shots of your kids in the park; did you set it to AF-C or AF-S?

    • Hi Alan – the Focus Tracking is greatly improved, but remember it’s still limited to the performance of the lens. You won’t get AF-C like you do with XT2 for example.

      The overall single shot Auto Focus is brilliant.

  • André Avon

    As all of your shots, these are great. I am still reading your book snapshots to great shots, and must say I had more than my money’s woth. I did not want to upgrade from the S to the T, because all upgrades are expensive, and also I wanted to purchase the Xpro 2, but this X100F is kind of tempting. Did I say I enjoy your work, well I’ll say it again. Thanks for having this site, it is quite nice, and there is always something good here, just love it.

    • Thanks Andre & I’m pleased the book got to you safely.

  • fantastic set of images Kevin

  • Kevin, ésta X100F colma mis expectativas. Ahora sí, puedo reemplazar tranquilo mi amadísima X100S.
    Tu trabajo genial como siempre.
    Saludos desde Argentina

    • Gracias y me encantó mis dos visitas a Argentina.

  • Jon

    Some lovely shots as always. I’ve been following your work for a good while now and always enjoy seeing your photography. You’ve encouraged me (gently) to learn more about Fuji and, since getting an Xt10 in December, the Fuji world is changing the way I work. Canon and Nikon DSLRs are still my go-to for the kind of work I do, but I love being able to get closer with these smaller cameras. Typically, the X-T20 was announced 6 weeks after I bought the 10!

    I am sure one of my basset hounds would challenge your woof for the title of World’s Laziest. Seriously.

    • Thanks Jon & yes, typical re the xt10 but that doesn’t become a worse camera just because there is a newer model I guess. Have fun….

  • Hi,
    Have you tried you use the old teleconverter on the F, yet?
    And how is the image quality vs the digital in camera tele ?
    //Conny in Sweden

    • Hi Conny – yes, the TCL works fine. There are some shots using it in the X100F review I posted last week.

  • eddie wadeson

    these b/w pics are works of art, probably due to the photographer, more than the lovely camera.
    i am 91 yrs old, have not been up to going out lately. when i feel up to it again, can i get anywhere near your superb quality, with my fuji xm1, and 27mm lens??
    please send me more of your work. i get a lot of pleasure, just looking at it.kind regards from eddie wadeson.

    • Thank you Eddie – that’s really kind. I hope you are well sir.

  • Anders Legarth Schmidt

    Beautiful everyday shots Kevin. Ordered the camera couple of days ago after selling my T in november. I have read a bit about your favorite settings for BW photography and were inspired. What’s your favorite settings for the F? Regards from Anders

    • Hi Anders – I plan on doing a post about this soon 🙂

  • Neven

    Mr. Mullins,

    fantastic photos. I have a huge dillema. I have to choose between X100T (last one in store) and brand new X100F . The price difference in Croatia is 200$.
    Thank you

    • Thanks Neven. It’s up to you really of course….the X100T is still a great camera. The X100F offers more of course.

  • Russ Stamp

    That last photo is incredible; light, exposure, composition. The shadow on the face of the gentleman holding your son is perfect. Even the hands on the left add to the image. I’m so impressed by the way you are able to get the shot that most folks would miss.
    I’m waiting for my X-T2 to arrive. It will replace my X-Pro2 which stopped working after a rogue wave hit us on the Pacific Coast. Your post came at a great time.
    When my daughter played futbol in school, her coach would play music over the PA system at the pitch. The playlist contained several songs for motivating that were current to their age. Then, out of the blue, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash would come on. The girls would all be dancing while the other team looked totally befuddled.
    Thanks for all your help helping us to become better.

    • Thanks, Russ….and Ring of Fire – great choice by the coach 🙂

  • Russell

    Hi Kevin, How would you compare the sharpness of The X100F lens vs the 18mm on the Xpro2?
    I’m really considering the Xpro2 w/18mm vs the X100F.

    • Hi Russell – tbh, I’ve not done a comparison across the two but I’ve never had an issue with sharpness across the X100 range.

  • Wonderful and inspiring, Kevin. Love my Fuji system. Looking to add the beautiful 23mm 1.4 lens soon!
    Thanks again!

  • Regan Armitage

    Hi Kevin I know the X100F inherits the Digital Zoom function from the X70 so you have the option, when using jpegs, of 50mm, 70mm and the camera’s standard 35mm field of view. What is the image quality like for this function? I’d value using it rather than using the bulky conversion lenses or cropping after the event. Thanks!

    • Hi Regan – the pixel density remains the same across the focal lengths and the image quality, to my eye, is identical.

  • Great article. Thanks for sharing your photographic vision, as well as your impressions of the hardware. Oh—and that ISO10,000—shockingly good.

  • Emma

    Hi Kevin, switching from Canon SLR to a Fuji system. Was going for the X-T2, but the reviews x100f are amazing and it looks gorgeous. Take mostly portrait and I’m semi pro so the image quality would obviously have to be good enough for a customer from time to time, but your shots look incredible and I like how portable. What do you recon x100f vs xt2 for portrait/street photography?

    • Hi Emma,

      They are very different cameras of course. The X100F does offer great images and portability but the XT2 is more versatile etc. If I had to pick one camera out of my cupboard, it would be the X100F….unless I needed to make a film….or I needed to use the 56mm lens…… 🙂

  • Hi kevin, i’m VIncenzo and i m a young amateur photographer from italy. I love your wedding style ..can i ask you two things ?? I really appreciate your black and you use some filter in light room? It’s incredible
    I hope one day i could have a masterclass with you!!! This is a little album of my first wedding: for me it would be a dream if you can check it also for a while. Im not a professional photographer but i hope you like. I will pass to a x100 soon

    Greeting from rome

    • Hi Vincenzo,

      Thanks for your message. Sadly I can’t see your gallery (it says: Gallery is locked).

      To answer your question, the work I do to my black and whites in post production is very subtle. I typically add a little contrast and just warm the images up using split toning.

  • Wonderfull………