November 2016 was a very eventful month for me.

I had weddings (of course), and workshops in both London and New York that once again got me out shooting and meeting, and making friends with some really great photographers.

Here are my ‘snapshots’ for November.  Images that may not necessarily be technically great, and may not make it onto the site in any other posts…..but images that make me smile and that is the most important thing for me when shooting.

It’s the end of 2016 as I post this, so I want to wish everyone who reads these pages, everyone who has attended a workshop, all my wedding clients and all fellow Fuji photographers a very happy Christmas and as very prosperous 2017.

And to the 23 people in Tokyo who in 2011 had a dream to create neat, small, mirrorless cameras that would change the way I shoot forever…..thank you!

This is Breeze, my whippet.  Some friends of ours were recreating the cover of Blur’s Parklife album for their Longplayers Sessions in Malmesbury and she was one of the stars.Fujifilm Dog PhotographyFujifilm X100T ~ 1/160th @ f5.6 ISO 200

I’ve enjoyed greatly all my street photography workshops this year.  I really have met some lovely people who I can know call friends.

On the workshops, we challenge ourselves to shoot using a zone focusing technique at varying apertures ~ some more challenging than the others.London Street PhotographyFujifilm X-Pro2 & XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/500th @ f2 ISO 400 London Street PhotographyFujifilm X-Pro2 & XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/500th @ f2 ISO 800 London Street PhotographyFujifilm X-Pro2 & XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/500th @ f2 ISO 250

Those of you who know Trafalgar Square will be well aware of Yoda.  It’s a facepalm moment…..Yoda Trafalgar SquareFujifilm X-Pro2 & XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/500th @ f4.5 ISO 200

Over the year, I’ve shot more with the Samyang 12mm.  This particular image is at 10,000 ISO.  Lovely bright British day 😉X-Pro2 High ISOFujifilm X-Pro2 & Samyang 12mm F2 ~ 1/250th ISO 10,000

Then onto New York where I had a really wonderful time.  I’d been before, a long time ago, and it has such a charm that I will definitely be returning in 2017.  You can see a few more of my shots taken with the Samyang 12mm on my Street Photography in New York post.New York Street PhotographyFujifilm X-T & Samyang 12mm F2 ~ 1/125th ISO 1,600New York Street PhotographyFujifilm X-70 ~ 1/340th @ f2.8 ISO 400 New York Street PhotographyFujifilm X-70 ~ 1/250th @ f8 ISO 1,250

And of course, my main job is a wedding photographer, and so I also managed to sneak in four weddings in November.Fuji Wedding PhotographyFujifilm X-Pro2 XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/1,600th @ f1.4 ISO 400Fuji Wedding PhotographyFujifilm X-Pro2 XF23mm F1.4 ~ 1/125th @ f1.4 ISO 1,250

I know the X-T2 has been difficult to find recently, but its currently in stock X-T2 on Amazon.  You can also find the great Samyang F2 on Amazon.

See you all in 2017!

  • john canavan

    Fantastic street shots Kevin , especially the star wars character I’m not sure of his name (Yoda) I’m not a star wars fan , but a great shot.
    I love the darkness in your shots.

  • George Koury

    Thank you Kevin for your beautiful images and postings.

  • Ben Scappaticcio

    Thanks for the great reading and for being part of my photographic resurgence! Have a good one when it comes!

  • Really nice images Kevin.

    I could be wrong, but are they the SOOC jpgs, or have they been processed with a Classic Chrome preset? Looks the latter?

    • Thanks Mike. They are JPEgs but I have treated them a little. The mono of my dog was actually processed in Alien Skin Exposure.

  • Ish

    Some lovely shots there, Kevin. My absolute favourite is the one in New York with all the colours (or should that be colors?!) reflected on the wet ground. Fantastic, love it!

    Look forward to seeing you again next year. Have a wonderful holiday.


    Hi Kevin!
    Thank you for sharing images and inspiration, like always! Looking back at 2016, it has been such a prolific year for my photography even though, time came at a premium, for it, as always. I also had the great pleasure to meet you, whilst researching for the x-pro2, then I met your incredible family, which took everything again to a whole new level, so thank you for your friendship! In terms of photography, discovering Fuji through your insightful reviews, comments and general advise, meant a great positive leap for my perception. The unique work that you so happily post and thoroughly dissect for us on different channels, has been so inspirational and motivating, your remarkable story in itself speaks volumes about talent and determination, so again, I feel I had so much to learn from. I hope you’ll have an equally brilliant New Year and a lovely Christmas! As far as Fuji is concerned, massive thanks for their magical devices and people that surrounded themselves with, to carry the flag as ambassadors ! There’s life beyond Nikon & Canon and what life that is! 🙂 Happy Christmas and all the best!

    • Thanks Eddie & and I has been a pleasure to spend time with you and your girls too……and to taste your wonderful cuisine!

  • André Avon

    Hi Kevin, I started shouting Fuji, and really doing photography jusr over a year ago. I discovered your work looking at xphotograph. Your work on weddings astonish me. I even had tears looking at some of the wedding photos, wow just wow. I wish I was a bit younger and living closer to you, because you would of been my mentor to wedding photography, actually that tought never occured to me before seeing your pictures, they are so human, not fabricated, and that’s the way I like to take pics. Thanks for having this site and sharing with us your talent.

  • Onno Zuidema

    Dear Kevin, man, I wish I could make photographs like you. Sensationally good, so eloquent and vibrant. I “discovered” Fuji this year when I bought an X70 and I absolutely love it; your pictures show what you can do with it! Do you happen to give workshops on mainland Europe next year? Greetings from Holland. Onno

    • Hi Onno – Thanks for the kind words.

      I have one scheduled for Switzerland next summer and hopefully more during the year too. I’ll announce the new dates on the site of course.