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Street Photography Workshop (New 2018 Dates)



Street photography workshops with Kevin Mullins across the country.

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UK Street Photography Workshops

2018 Dates

Thursday, 28th June ~ London West End (SOLD OUT)
Friday, 20th July – Birmingham (SOLD OUT)

2017 Dates

NEW DATE: NEW DATE: Friday, 15th December ~ London West End

16th May 2017 ~ London Embankment & Westminster (early bird sale if booked before 31st March)
13th June 2017 ~ Cardiff (early bird sale if booked before 31st March)
25th July 2017 ~ London West End (early bird sale if booked before 31st March)

31st March ~ London Brick Lane / City (sold out)
3rd March ~ London West End (sold out)

26th February ~ Richmond, South West London (sold out)
9th February ~ Bristol (sold out)

26th January ~ Reading (sold out)
19th January ~ Birmingham (sold out)

2016 Dates

New Dates:

6th December ~ London (sold out)
15th November ~ Bath (sold out)
9th November ~ London West End (sold out)

27th November ~ New York (sold out – please click here for details)

NEW DATE:  14th September 2016 – Paris, France (sold out)

12th July ~ Brighton (sold out)
5th July ~ London West End / Evening Street Shoot (sold out)

30th June ~ London Brick Lane / City (sold out)

14th June ~ Cambridge (sold out)

24th May ~ Birmingham (sold out)
5th May ~ London Brick Lane / City (sold out)

11th March ~ London East End / Brick Lane (sold out)

8th February ~ Manchester (sold out)
18th February ~ London (sold out)
29th February ~ London (sold out)
8th March ~ Birmingham (sold out)

2015 Dates
5th May ~ London (sold out)
19th May ~ Birmingham (sold out)
NEW DATE: 22nd June ~ Manchester (sold out)
15th July ~ Bath (sold out)
24th July ~ London (sold out)
8th September ~ London (sold out)
30th September ~ Southampton (sold out)

28th October ~ Cardiff (sold out)
13th November ~ Liverpool (sold out)
17th December ~ London (sold out) * Christmas Special

I became one of the first Fujifilm official X-Photographers in the UK and have been shooting exclusively with the X-Series of cameras for three years.

My wedding photography is a highly inspired blend of street photography and shooting from the hip.

I use street photography as the catalyst for inspiration for my wedding work and the Fujifilm X-Series of cameras have allowed me to work in a far more intimate, but discrete, way.

If you are a wedding photographer who is interested in shooting with the X-Series or simply interested in documentary photography then this Street Photography Workshop could be the workshop for you.

If you are just interested in shooting street with the X-Series of cameras then this is definitely the workshop for you.

This Street Photography Workshop is for FIVE delegates only.  The workshops I run are intended to be hands-on and are designed to give you the most information possible.  No hiding information and that’s the reason most of my workshops are aimed at a very small amount of delegates.  That way you will get all the advantages of working closely with me.

You can attend this street shooting day even if you don’t have an X-Series camera.

If you are interested in testing a Fujifilm X-Series camera out during the day then I can arrange for some loan equipment to be supplied by Fujifilm UK.  Please let me know as soon as you have booked if this is the case so I can organise stock.

  • Inspiration
  • Shooting Candidly
  • Beating the Fear
  • Understand your Camera Fully
  • Understanding Zone Focusing
  • Getting in close to shoot stories
  • Street Themes
  • Practical Hands-on Workshop

Street Photography Workshop Details – Single Day Shoots

(currently applies to New York, Barcelona, Brighton, Cambridge, London Brick Lane / City & Birmingham)

The single day options run from 10:00 am until around 4:00 pm depending on light and location.

We will meet for coffee to commence the day and finish with a debrief in a bar or coffee shop for more inspiration and chat.

These Street Photography Workshop are strictly limited to FIVE delegates.

Street Photography Workshop Details – Two Day Workshop

(currently applies to London Two Day Workshop)

The Two-day workshop entails a day shooting on the streets.  We will cover everything above and I will assign a set of themes or projects too.  The second day will be classroom based where we will go through image curation, editing, black and white workflow, inspiration and a critique of work.  There will be a maximum of FIVE delegates.  On the second day, lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout


Please note that all of my Street Photography Workshops are educationally based.  These are not simply “photo walks”.  I will guide you, but most importantly you will get a better and thorough understanding of your camera equipment and how to use it to shoot Street Photography and Social Documentary.

All delegates will be added (if they wish) to a private Facebook group dedicated to members of these past workshops for future support and inspiration.

You will get a LOT of time shooting with me as a guide and you will get to understand how I use my cameras, why I use them in these ways and more importantly – you will move out of your comfort zone and become a far more creative street photographer.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  You can cancel your booking up to one calendar month before the event and you will get a full refund.  If you need to cancel closer to the event date, I will try and find a replacement before offering you a refund (I usually have a waiting list so this shouldn’t be a problem).

I will email you around 3-4 days before the event with exact meet time and locations.



Additional information

Date & Place

28th June 2018 (London / West End), 20th July 2018 (Birmingham)