Last week I purchased a Fuji X-T1o as I wanted something a little smaller than the X-T1, but with interchangeable lens options, for my street photography.

Although the camera has been out for a while, I’d never actually used one until my one arrived.

I’ll do a bit more of a real-world review of the camera in due course but when I got the camera I immediately knew it was going to become my 27mm pancake lens camera option.

The 27mm is a lens I love to bits.  Its also a lens I’ve lost twice and I’m now on my third XF27mm lens and I suppose its a testament to just how small this lens is that I keep losing them!

I won’t be using the X-T10 as a wedding camera; for me, its not quite at the level I need for me to be comfortable shooting weddings with it.

However, it will likely be one of my backup cameras for weddings and it will definitely be a camera I take on my street photography trips out.

It really is a very discreet camera.  Couple with something like the 27mm lens you can really just blend in and behave like anybody else with a small point and shoot camera.

These are just a few processed snaps from a day I spent in Southampton running one of my street photography workshops.

I’m a huge fan of the 27mm lens and I think I’ve found the perfect compliment for it in the X-T10.

I’ve recently been using a prototype of the new Camslinger Streetomatic which is an upgrade to the version I’ve been quite comfortable with for a while.  The new bag is PERFECT for street photography.  The clasp is better and yet its still possible to quickly remove the camera with one hand and start shooting.  I used it with the X-T10 and 27mm lens.  I had plenty of room for two spare lenses, my wallet, phone and notebook etc.

  • (Friday morning, sat in my studio in Malmesbury listening to Pop Master on BBC Radio 2)

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/4,000 f/5.6 ISO 200

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/1,700 f/7.1 ISO 400

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/1,800 f/7.1 ISO 200

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/350 f/8 ISO 400

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/420 f/10 ISO 200

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/4,000 f/2.8 ISO 200

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/4,000 f/2.8 ISO 200

fuji x-t10 xf27mmFuji X-T10 / XF27mm 1/150 f/3.6 ISO 200

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  • Nice images Kevin. I particularly like your use of negative space. I’m definitely thinking of getting the 27 mm lens for walking after looking at the focal length I use the most from my standard zoom.

  • I’m a huge fan of the 27mm and these shots are so damn gorgeous!

  • Richie

    How would you compare this setup to the X100T for street and general family lifestyle shooting? I currently have an x-pro1 and original x100 and thinking about upgrading x-pro1 to x-t10 or x100 to x100t.

    • Its different to the X100T. The X-T10 has the benefit of things like the flip down screen, interchangeable lenses etc. The X100T on the other hand, is blisteringly fast to use especially when using the optical viewfinder for example.

      If I *had* to pick one camera only, I’d go for the X100T…but that’s because I love the leaf shutter and OVF and the fixed lens suits my style. For many others, the interchangeable lens is a better option.

  • Owner of the X-100s, and X-100T. The 100T has all the improvements I hoped for compared to the 100s. I am considering the X-T10 as my first interchangeable Fuji. I shoot weddings, and I am beyond ready to sell off all my Canon gear and go 100% Fuji. I love using my 100T for everything and I’m wondering if the T10 would be good or should I wait to get the T1? Right now I can get a new T10 for $699.00.

    • X-T10 is a great camera Jared. For me, however, the X-T1 has the lead as a “professional” tool and I would use that over the T-10 for a paid wedding.

      • D

        I’m still new to photography but was wondering what specifically is it about the differences that make you favor the XT-1?

        • Its mostly the size, durability and the extra control I have with the X-T1. Images are identical.

  • Gordon

    I like the 27mm f2.8 Fujinon as it’s sharp across the frame wide open. However, I found it a bit too small on my X-pro1, so added a Summicron style 39mm metal lens hood (£2.08 including free delivery from China). This helps protect the lens, causes no vignetting and makes it easier for me to handle.

  • Cheryl Atkins

    The tones in your images are exquisite. Thank you for including the settings for each shot. I’ve been shooting with the x-t1 for a couple of years and find myself rarely using my Canon and L glass. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  • Peter


    these settings are perfect in my eyes. Could you please share them?
    I started doing my street photography in BW and absolutely love the way my XP1 renders the images.
    Your site is an amazing inspiration to me, keep up the good work and joy you seem to have!


  • Richie

    Kevin, do you have any plans to post a longer term review of the X-T10? Do you still use it? Just picked 1 up but finding it a little unstable to hold (difficult to get a good grip) with an 18-55mm attached. Love the flip screen and quick AF compared to my x-pro1.
    Debating switching it out for an X-T1 to address the handling and still have the flip screen with the added benefit of the bigger EVF or sell the lot and switch to 1 camera, most likely the x-pro2.

    • Hi Richie – actually I do still use the X-T10 (though not a massive amount). I pretty much have an 18mm F2 lens on their permanently and will often take it when I’m going into town etc. I don’t have the 18-55 so can’t really make commentary on the combination but I can see that the X-T10 being so small, and the larger lenses possibly causing some ergonomic difficulties for some.

  • Giacomo

    Hi Kevin,

    Were this photos shot with your usual jpeg settings or post processed from raw file?

  • eddie wadeson

    dear kevin i love the contrast in these pics. i have the xm1 body, it has no pluss red filter. i have increased it on the white balance ajustment.
    will this be the same?? kind regards fro eddie w.

    • Hi Eddie,

      No WB will be different. I’d probably use Sharpness instead to try and add a bit more contrast.