Last week I was able to shoot some New York Street Photography and I had a great time and made a lot of new friends.

I was running a Fuji Workshop and the actual day we went out shooting as a group was gorgeous.  I shot everything on that day on my trusty X70.

The next couple of days was very different weather wise.  I sensibly opted to go out on the Monday with my weather sealed Fuji X-T2 and I decided to arm it with the Samyang 12mm F2 manual focus lens.

I thought I’d post a few images from an hour or so that I spent in Times Square during some pretty inclement weather.

new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography
new york street photography

As you can probably see, it was pretty wet and fairly dark.  In fact it got substantially darker as I shot.

The Samyang is a fab lens, but of course its manual focus.  Personally, I have difficulties setting the aperture at F2 and getting acceptable results so I tend to shoot at f5.6 – f8.  This drives the ISO up of course.

Even though Times Square is an amazingly wet lit environment, with all the billboards, many of the images I shot were at elevated ISOs.

I can see why Times Square is often referred to a the “Crossroads of the Universe”.  Its a very eclectic place, and even though its teeming with tourists (like me!), I felt the whole essence of New York in that area.  I very much enjoyed my time in New York and hope to return again soon.

I have several weddings to edit now, but hopefully soon I’ll post the images shot with the X70 also.

If you are interested, I have a very limited amount of spaces left on my UK Photography Workshops in early 2017.

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio2 (talking about train fair increases))
  • Gareth

    Kevin – how did your Samyang stand up to the weather? No fog or misting?
    Lovely shots , as always.

    • No misting, though I did get caught out by not using the lens hood!

  • Hi Kevin, much like you the X70 is my prime choice for street photography these days. However also like you I use the XT2 for my professional work and also own the 12mm Samyang which as you say is a fab lens. (I use it mainly for property interior photography, also usually at around f8. In your great images above, what sort of ISO were you having to use? Thanks Gary

    • Hi Gary – some were around 2,000 ISO and one even out at 12,800. Most around 1,600 though.



  • Thanks Kevin

  • Steve Fry

    Hi Kevin, once again, great shots! Really convey the hustle and bustle of the Big City!

  • Beautiful moody shots Kevin! – Love the subtle colouring!
    I especially enjoyed the smoking woman outside Sephora!


    • Thank you Jonas – that means a lot coming from you!!

  • Ben Scappaticcio

    I think the weather played into your hands. I’m not long back and the weather was great and a bit boring.

  • James Moore

    Hi Kevin, a great beautiful set of pictures as ever. XT2 & Samyang looks like a great combination…….in your hands !

  • So XT2 now or XPro 2 for weddings still?

  • Awesome shots Kevin, I guess I’m gonna my to need to add the Samsung to my street arsenal. It was really nice meeting you. The next time you come in you have a room at my place if you need!

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks Deveren and it was great to meet you too. Hope to catch up again some time.

  • Andy

    These are great…really enjoyed looking through them.

  • these are fantastic images Kevin

  • Ted

    Kevin. Gorgeous work. I would be scared to put something that wide on for the streets. You make it look easy! One question: are these jpegs or did you develop raw files? The mood and colour are so consistent and alluring. Great stuff as always. Cheers!

    • Thanks Ted. These are JPEGs but edited to bring a bit more contrast back in. There is a bit of NR being done too as some of the images were at very high ISOs.

  • Super set of images Kevin. The reflected colours in the wet surfaces look fantastic.

    • Thanks Adrian and yes, I think the rain was fortuitous….

  • il aurait fallu éclaircir légèrement-

  • Sanj

    Love this set mate. Some epic images in there!

  • ale Italy

    Amazing color and shoots.
    Look you use jpg whit a bit contrast, what film profile?

  • David Jones

    Beautiful colours that really capture that time of year in New York.

    As always thank you for sharing and your honesty.

  • adam

    these are really nice.
    next time it rains i will get off my arse and see what i can get on the strip here in vegas.

    any chance, by the way, you could share your camera settings? i’d love to know how you set your camera up for these.

    • Thanks Adam – settings are pretty much the same as most of my other stuff. +2 shadows, -1 Highlights, +2 Sharpness…

  • adam

    i noticed in the exif for a couple of these shots you have the lens mount adapter setting at 50mm. i realise on the xt2 that setting is meaningless as it does not affect the camera in any way – whereas on the xpro1 it changes the frame lines in the ovf – but it does show up in the exif data as 35mm, 50 mm or in this case 12mm. handy for making sure the exif is correct.

    • This is because I have not set the menu option for the lens attached.

  • Cool images Kevin! Is lack of sharpness reason why you dont you that lens at f2 or f2.8?

    • There is just little depth of field difference across the aperture because it’s so wide. Zone focusing at f2 is quite tricky with this lens.