Last night I got an email from the lovely Lightroom Queen informing me there had been an update to Adobe Creative Cloud and most notably an update to Lightroom CC and Camera Raw.

This is exciting stuff for me as I’ve been using my prototype X-Pro2 for a few months now without any real RAW support.

Fujifilm have been great and provided us with various incarnations of Silkypix and whilst its a perfectly good RAW converter, its not really a great tool when it comes to workflow.

If you have read my Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review you’ll know that, as always, the JEPG files that the camera creates are exceptional but many of you I know will be using RAW (perhaps exclusively) and so I wanted to put some files through Lightroom and show it here.

In the first two days of the X-Pro2 review going live, I had over 400 emails, Facebook message and comments on the blog. I’m not affiliated to Fujifilm in any commercial way and so I’ve answered those questions as honestly as possible. The question that came up quite a bit was about Dynamic Range and I’ve tried to show the ranges of that a little in this webcast.

Other stuff I mention in the video is file sizes, high ISO, film simulations, speed and editing.

As mentioned in the video, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave one in the comments below.  I’ll get back to everyone as soon as I can.

  • Can you shoot Multiple Exposures in Raw as well – or are they still JPEGs?

    • JPEG Only for multiple exposures.

    • Daniel

      The Multiple Exposures are a software/firmware processes. Just as the noise feature and film simulations. I imagine they could do it with RAW, but it might need a lot more processing power.

  • Kevin, have you ever used (or considered) editing in Capture One? Personally, I’m a Lightroom guy, but my much more experienced friend swears by it.

    • Hi Jeremy – I have used it and its great. However, there are two major reasons why Lightroom is far better for me:

      1. It supports the camera film simulation profiles
      2. Workflow is far superior in Lightroom when you have lots of images to get through.

  • Michael

    Thanks a lot for this. It is a real public service. I’m not a pro, but I do have to do some shooting for my work as an anthropologist, and I’m finally tired of having to process everything in LightRoom or PhotoShop from my otherwise very handy Pentaxes. I had heard that Fuji jpegs are especially good, and this and other parts of your X-Pro2 reviewing demonstrates that clearly to be the case. So X-Pro2, here I come. As much Straight Out Of Camera as possible henceforth.

  • Hi Kevin, Thank you for this!
    Can you get the LR update without being a member of Adobe monthly subscription CC?
    I bought LR 4 and have since upgraded to 5 & 6. Is it possible to get the XPro2 RAW support for me?

    • I really don’t know David. Try contacting Adobe on Twitter – they are pretty good at responding there.

  • Paul

    Are you experiencing lag times in the import of Xpro 2 raw/jpg files into Lightroom? If so, what have you done to solve the issue?

    • they don’t seem to be any slower than my X-T1 files to be honest.

  • David

    Hi Kevin,

    You say in the introduction that you will be shooting RAW going forward. Is there a post / discussion that dives a little deeper into the rationale?

    I ask as, a former Canon shooter, right up to and including the 5D3, I’ve been locked into the RAW dilemma, knowing that somewhere, a little fluffy bunny dies whenever I shot JPEG alone! Since finally selling up an moving over to the X Pro 2, I made the leap and now only import the JPEG into the workflow (although I do have the RAW on the other card ‘just in case’, and to save the bunnies!

    Having found your blog, I was ready to embrace rabbit stew and ditch the unused RAW files, but on spotting your intention, I’d like to dig a little deeper.

    • Hi David,

      I shoot almost everything on JPEG. With the X-Pro2, because it has dual slots, I have started shooting RAW to the second card – but this is as a backup. I don’t take those RAW files into Lightroom unless I need to do something that the JPEG can’t (which has yet to happen since I had the XP2) 🙂

      • David

        Understand now! Thanks. It’s bringing in both into Lightroom that is a horrible workflow, so I can see why you’d just hold the RAWs in reserve outside.

  • steve

    Lightroom has this on going issue with XTRANS raw files. Smearing / watercolour effect on foliage and occasional issue of making skin tones look terrible. Yet you mention nothing in this article?
    This has been on going now since XTRANS files came into being, and yet Adobe aren’t doing anything about it.
    I don’t want to move to capture pro 1, or photo ninja, as I’ve invested in Adobe and VSCO workflow. Shooting jpg is a no no, even though they are pretty reasonable for me.
    This is why I loved shooting film, and was so hesitant in going digital. There is always an issue somewhere along the line with processing, or the files themselves. Film is film.

    • I’ve never personally had any issue with this smearing. I’ve read about it so its clearly a problem for some people. I think if you check out Pete Bridgewood’s post about sharpening you might find the solution.

  • Mark Lee

    Great blog post Kevin. I’ve only got round to watching this now, mainly because I’ve been having an issue in accessing the film simulations when shooting raw with my xp2, my version of Lightroom 5.7.1 doesn’t support this. Looks like an update to Lightroom cc if I want to access this feature. Mainly a jpeg shooter myself but like the safety net of the raw file as back up.

    Great work once again! 🙂

  • Zentech

    Until 2 days ago, Lightroom could “see” files on the sd cards in my XPRO 2 and import them. 2 days ago suddenly it can’t see any files. The computer sees them just fine and I can drag and drop but LR just stopped doing it. I was able to repeat it on my laptop too. The import interface looks standard but the little animation keeps going around and around and no files/byte readout.

    Very frustrating.. anyone have suggestions?